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my blog brings all the chen to the yard
Anonymous ;  
I, I need to pee, I really really need to pee - on and on by vixx

i listen to that song like every single day what the fuck

i always thought about it like “i need selfie la la la la la selfie”

but then therapy works better

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wrec-less ;  
Roll like a buffalo is a joke just to tease kris's 'rap' accent. The lyric is actually roar lol

but nobody ever actually mentioned roar i always thought sm was being dumb which was why the lyrics didn’t end up in the final version. 

That’s still dumb as fuck how do buffaloes even sound tho

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jongin tickles taemin’s chin ♡

wrec-less ;  
Its actually "roar like a buffalo" ....

is it? everybody always said that it’s actually roll like a buffalo since mama

i’ve never heard that before /shrugs

i guess we’ll never know

kimjongdaemyass ;  
oh ohhh and also 4minutes song mirror mirror at the beginning it sounded like they are saying Four minute slut, four minute slut..." and never forget tara Bo peep "We all took a dumppppp..."

i always make up lyrics for 4minute

"i need some tissue" 

wrec-less ;  
We all have to agree that "roll like a buffalo" is one of the best misheard lyrics .

oh no roll like a buffalo is not a misheard lyric

its literally

"roll like a buffalo" there are no jokes in that one

kimjongdaemyass ;  
red velvets song when I first listened to the song it sounded like they are saying "ha penis" instead os happiness... I laughed so hard when I heard it the first time and it's still stuck in my head... sorry not sorry

HA penis hahahahahaa 

Anonymous ;  
we got the orange juice - infinite, the chaser


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send me some of your top misheard lyrics in kpop! (ex. enjoy the mayo)


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